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Purse Hangers

Our purse hangers are great for keeping your purse off the germ-ridden floor of a restaurant. And your purse is secure next to you, not hanging on the back of your chair where some thief could easily steal it.

The purse hangers are available in many colors, so you can have one to match each of your purses! 

Magnetic Clasps

Do you struggle fastening your bracelets? Is it difficult for you to fasten a necklace?

Then, our magnetic clasps are for you! The clasps allow you to fasten without fumbling. They securely attach to your bracelet or necklace and make putting on your jewelry a breeze.


The jewelry clasps are available in silver or gold to coordinate with your jewelry.  

Polishing Cloths

Keep your gold and silver jewelry looking like new with our gold and silver polishing cloths. Remove tarnish and dirt off your jewelry and the cloths leave your jewelry looking lustrous and shiny. 

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